How to Rent an Apartment in Japan: A Guide for Foreigners

<p>With its long history and rich culture, Japan has fascinated many travellers throughout the centuries. Nowadays, Japan offers an incredibly safe society, with a rich cultural heritage, mouth-watering cuisine and many unique opportunities for study and business. So it’s not surprising that so many people have chosen to move to this exciting country and call it their second home. Whether you move

Share Houses in Japan: The Comprehensive Guide

<p>A new trend in housing has been on the rise for the past year and it’s attracting more and more people, including travelers, expats and even Japanese locals. Share houses. While share houses are not a new concept, they are rapidly becoming the most economical housing solution for one of the world’s most expensive pieces of real estate. In the past these co-living spaces were known as “Gaiji

Convenience Stores (Konbini) in Japan: What can you buy from there ?

<p>Convenience stores - also known as ​konbini​ in Japanese - can be found all over Japan. There’s more than 50,000 of them across the country! You can’t walk for longer than a minute in Tokyo without passing at least one. Planning on travelling to Japan’s more rural areas? You’ll definitely find a convenience store somewhere in the ​inaka​ (countryside).</p> <p>There are numerous chains of

The Comprehensive Guide to SIM Cards in Japan: Short and Long-Term Options

<p>Japan is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern landmarks, anime-fueled pop culture and exquisite cuisine, it’s no wonder it has become known as a leading travel destination, attracting over 30 million ​people this year alone. There’s something for every type of traveller from tourists and backpackers to expats and digital nomads.</p> <p>Although Japan develops some of the most advanced

Onsen - Japan’s Obsession with Hot Springs

<p>As one of the leading travel destinations for over a decade, Japan is known worldwide for their unrivalled technology, exquisite traditional cuisine such as sushi and tempura, and of course the iconic views of Mt.Fuji. But there’s a part of the Japanese culture that many first-time travellers often aren’t aware of or will try to avoid it altogether throughout their trip in Japan, and that’s