Yamanote Line

Explore the Yamanote Line

The JR Yamanote line is one of the most convenient and popular Tokyo Metro routes. This loop line connects all of the city’s major city centers and is operated by…


All About Hanko

Using a personal stamp or seal for contracts has been out of fashion in the West for a long time. However, in Japan, you still use a type of stamp…



How to Find an Internship in Japan as a Foreigner

Internships are a great way to gain hands-on experience, improve multicultural communication skills and get a sneak peek into the inner workings of a Japanese company. An internship also provides…

japanese reume

How to Write a Japanese Resume

Applying for a job means writing a resume tailored specifically for the position. Japan as a country and society has many unique aspects, and writing a Japanese resume is one…


app to learn japanese language

Best Apps to Learn Japanese in 2022

Japanese is one of the top ten most spoken languages in the world. Whether you are a tourist, a businessman, or a student, Japanese is an essential skill for many….

Japanese Language Schools in Japan Guide

This is it. You’ve made up your mind and decided to take the plunge to move to Japan and learn Japanese at a language school. That’s fantastic! Undoubtedly, the best…



What is Ikebana?

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The term itself translates to “making flowers come alive,” which suits the practice as practitioners of ikebana work to bring out emotions…


Hanafuda in Modern Japan

Hanafuda is a playing cards game also popularly known as the flower card game. It’s a traditional Japanese pastime still prevalent in the country and has transformed into various games. …

Silver week in Japan

Silver Week in Japan

Like Golden Week, Silver Week in Japan is a string of consecutive holidays. Typically, the entire country takes the week off in celebration, many shops close temporarily, and transportation becomes…